Office GoGo Juice


Morning Wood Lands

Come on, who doesn't enjoy a gooooood morning? wink wink we think morning time is the best. 

This is our Sumatra blend.  A fan favorite for those that prefer that bold dark coffee flavor. Full bodied with hints of bittersweet chocolate and almonds. This is a blend of roasted Indonesia Sumatra that has the right balance of snap and flavor needed for a great cup of coffee.

Mommy Daddy Time

Either hide from or tell your little tax credits to leave you alone because it is Mommy Daddy Time.  Enjoy a cup of satisfaction from this blend of dark and medium roasted coffee.  This blend, created using fresh roasted beans from Costa Rica and Guatemala, with hints of citrus, apricot, and chocolate will surely allow time well spent with each other. 

Sultry Saunter

Why does it have to be a walk of shame? No reason to take that next morning walk with embarrassment.  Be happy and strut your Sultry Saunter and with this blend of coffee in your hands. A blend of Costa Rica and Colombia roasted to just the darker side of medium. You get the traditional tastes of Colombian coffee together with the hints of citrus, apricot, tropical fruits that Costa Rican coffee is known for.   

Solo Time

A medium roasted coffee that knows that sometimes you need to just enjoy things by yourself. A medium blend from Ethiopian and Guatemala with hints of apple pie and berry and sweet aromatics.   Very balanced and easy going that anyone will enjoy. 

Discreet Indulgence

A shy blend of medium coffee that enjoys being your little secret. Its personal profile claims to be a sweet but just a little nutty cup.  It feels you'll enjoy this smooth blend of coffee as your secret indulgence. A coffee with hints of berry and black tea. A blend of Ethiopian and Brazil roasted medium and brings two beans together known for their natural sweetness. 

Afternoon Delight

It may say afternoon in the title but we think having it anytime is a delight.  A medium roast blend to get you moving in the morning or maybe an afternoon "quickie" cup of coffee.  This blend has hints of sweet tastes of caramel, honey, and with some nutty notes of cashews and almonds. A blend which brings the sweetness of Brazil and the nutty flavors of Colombian coffee together for a great cup of satisfaction.