Colorful descriptions and humor are great with friends and family; however, mayyyyybe at the office you want to be a little more selective with your coffee label choices. Coward.

We are excited to provide our great tasting blends in product packaging which won't raise eyebrows.

You can now purchase these blends with our NSFW "Now Suitable For Work" labels.  Their Fun Label counterpart is shown in the title below.

Discounts are available for larger orders.  Email us for information and pricing on multiple pound orders.

Office GoGo Juice

Morning Kick Start (morning Wood Lands)

Give a big kick to the morning with this bold tasting Sumatra blend.  A fan favorite.  A blend of single origin coffee containing beans from southeast Asia mixed roasted to medium and french level. Full bodied with hints of bittersweet chocolate and almonds.  

Team Work Blend (Solo time)

 There's no "i" in Team.  Well crap, neither is "we".  Okay then let's just drink coffee together.  A medium blend from Africa and Central America with hints of apple pie and berry and sweet aromatics.  A medium roasted coffee that knows that the aromas of fresh coffee help the team work together.  

Afternoon Reboot (Afternoon delight)

Some pep is missing in your team's step.  Time for a reboot.  This blend has hints of sweet tastes of caramel, honey, and with some nutty notes of cashews and almonds. A blend which brings the sweetness of Brazil and the traditional tastes of nutty flavors of Colombian coffee together.

Brain Brew (Sultry Saunter)

Time to do a braindump and what better way than over a cup of coffee.   A blend of beans from Costa Rica and Colombia roasted to just the darker side of medium. You get the traditional tastes of Colombian coffee together with the hints of citrus, apricot, and tropical fruits that Costa Rican coffee is known for. 

TGIF Blend (discreet indulgence)

Well heck.  The name says it all.  Give me the weekend.   A smooth blend of coffee with hints of berry and black tea. This is a blend of beans from Ethiopia and Brazil roasted medium and brings two beans together known for their natural sweetness.