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Colombian coffees are considered a high-end Arabica bean.  Columbia has the perfect climate, altitude, and soil for cultivating these beans.  Columbia has been a pioneer in coffee industry.  Their beans are well known for mellow acidity and with the slight sweetness of caramel a nutty undertone.



This east African nation is well known for their natural sweetness of berries and floral tastes balanced with the proper snap of acidity.  While no one is certain of the exact origin of coffee, everything points to a goat herder, Kaldi, and his discovery of the potential of the coffee bean.  High Octane Goats?



This is huge fan favorite of dark roasted coffee lovers.  It takes to being roasted to a French level very well.  Sumatra, a small  Indonesian island, gives us a great bean with bold earthy and smoky flavors with each cup.  It gives off an almost very dark unsweetened cocoa taste.  You either love it or hate it.



Brazil is known for an amazing rain forest, the amazing Rio Carnival, a grooming choice, and some well sought after coffee.  Well known for their bittersweet chocolate, honey, and cashew tastes.  This origin is known to be able to roasted dark and still maintain low bitterness and is commonly used in espresso blends.

Costa Rica


It has a fresh acidity and a fruity taste with hints of citrus, apricot and other tropical fruits. It has a sweetness that is like brown sugar and its acidic taste is due to being grown at high altitudes.  Remember that some acidity is important to a cup a coffee otherwise it just becomes flat and boring.  Don't confuse acidity with bitterness.  Acidity is important.  However, bitterness can't be avoided with an ex-girl/boyfriend.  Sorry.



This coffee is bright, fruity and clean and varies depending on where it was farmed, as there are a variety of farms throughout Guatemala and the differences in altitude, terrain and weather conditions. This includes the local, smaller farms to the more massive estates. Our Guatemala bean has the right amount acidity, sweetness and wine-like flavor and we blend it with other origins for a great balance. 

Our Source for Beans is Socially Responsible